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The Planning Team

Warfield Neighbourhood Plan draft version out for review

Due to a delay in uploading the complete supporting document set, which was caused by two documents needing to be re-created after they were found to be corrupted.  As of 18 July 2017, these two documents have now been uploaded and the full set of supporting documents are available.

To allow a full review of all the documents, the closing date for comments on the pre-submission report is extended to 5pm on Friday 8 September (from Friday 4 August) 2017


The Warfield Neighbourhood Plan draft version is available here.    Note: this document has been updated to show the extended closing date on page 2, for your information, the initial published version is still available here.

The Appendix D - Open Spaces and Rights of Way Map is in a separate document available here.

The documents referenced in Appendix A: SCHEDULE OF EVIDENCE are available here.


You are invited to review and comment on the draft version of the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan, this consultation will run from Wednesday 21 June until Friday 8 September 2017.

This is your first opportunity to comment on the plan and your feedback will be taken into account ahead of the formal submission to Bracknell Forest Council of the final plan. There will be further opportunity to comment at this stage on the final plan.

Comments can be submitted via the on-line questionnaire here.  The consultation period has now ended.


As a reminder, the main stages that we are following to have the Neighbourhood Plan prepared and adopted are listed below.

We are now at Step 5.

1) Neighbourhood Plan identified as beneficial for Warfield by the Parish Council and neighbourhood volunteers engaged

2) Agree boundary of Neighbourhood Plan

3) Engagements with residents to gain input on what is wanted for the Neighbourhood

4) Preparation of draft plan

5) Consultation on draft plan, getting resident feedback (Note:  This is the stage we are at now: Wednesday 21 June until Friday 8 September 2017)

6) Preparation of final plan for formal submission to Bracknell Forest Council

7) Bracknell Forest Council formal review with residents, where there will be a further opportunity to comment on the Plan

8) Final revisions made to Plan and resubmission to Bracknell Forest Council

9) Bracknell Forest Council submits the Plan to the Planning Inspector for their review and approval

10) Following approval by the Planning Inspector, the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan will be put to a referendum where residents and businesses can vote on whether or not the Neighbourhood Plan should be adopted; this is now expected early in 2018.

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